Whatever your lubrication requirements we at the Green Goanna can provide expert advice and proven products. Our technical experts have decades of hands on experience solving lubrication problems. 


We excel in delivering product quickly.  Expert advice is only one part of problem solving; delivering the right product to your site quickly is our specialty. We stock a broad range of specialist lubricants and always seek to exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to delivering the right product, on time.  In stock product is normally delivered within 48 hours of order placement.  In fact, 75% of our orders are delivered on the same day. For those few products not in stock, we endeavor to source and ship them to your site expeditiously.


Green Goanna carry most of the Shell industrial and automotive range at any given time. Alternatively, contact one of our friendly sales staff who will endeavor to find the right solution for your application.


Shell's product range in Australia include

  • Advance (Motorcycle Oil)
  • AeroShell (Aeronautical)
  • Air Tool Oil
  • Alexia
  • Alvania (Rail Grease)
  • Argina
  • Caprinus
  • Catenex
  • Corena (Compressor Oil)
  • Degreasing Fluid
  • Diala (Electrical Insulating Oil)
  • Dobatex (Biodegradable Cleaners)
  • Gadinia
  • Gadus (Grease)
  • GadusRail
  • HD Coolant
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Helix (Engine Oil)
  • Irus Fluid (Fire Resistant Hydraulic)
  • Melina
  • Mine Gear 1500
  • Morlina
  • Naturelle (Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil)
  • Nautilus (marine Oil)
  • Omala (Industrial Gear Oil)
  • Ondina
  • Paper Machine Oil
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Refrigeration Oil
  • Rhodina
  • Rimula (Diesel Engine Oil)
  • Rotella (Diesel Engine Oil)
  • 2T & 4T (Lawn mower Oil)
  • AdBlue
  • Spirax (Automotive Gear)
  • Tactic EMV (Automated lubrication)
  • Tegula
  • Tellus (Hydraulic Oil)
  • Tonna (Slideway Machine Oil)
  • Turbo (Turbine Oil)
  • VSI 8235